PA Inc provides off-site data management services, including:

Training: PA Inc provides training at our facilities for technical writers and illustrators. Topics include job management and organization, use of FrameMaker (nonstructured) and FrameMaker+SGML, use of IsoDraw, and CMM preparation. Training services are billed at an hourly or daily rate based on the number of trainees.

PA Inc also provides training classes for customer service and marketing personnel on the format and content of technical manuals. This will help customer service personnel answer customer inquiries and purchasing personnel better understand the CMM and other technical documents as a procurement resource.

Template Development: PA Inc develops templates for CMMs and other documents that fully meet customer and operator requirements. The templates include boilerplate tailored to the customer, such as the customer logo, contact information, and preferential data needed due to the types of components manufactured by the customer. Template development is usually done before preparation of the first document for the customer, and is billed as a separate task.

Preparation of PDF Copies for Online Distribution: PA Inc can make PDF copies from digital or paper copies of your legacy documents, and upload the documents so they are available online for customer distribution. The customer can restrict access to the documents by selling password licenses. PDF copies are not editable, so this system maintains content security.

Database Maintenance: We can store your files long-term on a dedicated server at PA Inc. Files are also copied to digital tape for storage at a secure off-site location.

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