When authorized, we access our customer server to download all source data required to complete the quoted work. This service has the following customer benefits:

  • We pull all required source data remotely as part of our Firm, Fixed Price (FFP) quotation. Otherwise, these tasks have to be done by in-house personnel at customer expense.
  • We can pull a complete data package, including subassembly drawings and other sub-tier source data, before starting the job, rather than having to repeatedly e-mail or call asking for the data as the need arises. This improves quality by making all necessary data available when needed by the writer or illustrator. This improves schedule by reducing the time the writer or illustrator must wait for in-house personnel to find and provide the data.
  • All digital source data are stored in a Source Data folder within the job folder, and returned to the customer when the job is completed in accordance with written procedures. All printed source data are either shredded or returned to the customer on job completion.
  • All source data used to prepare the document are listed in a Source Data List (SDL) that is also delivered to the customer at job completion. The SDL lists the drawing number, revision letter, title, and where used to provide a complete record for the current document revision and starting point for the next revision.



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